Writer/director Lowell Dean fulfills his promise of a sequel at the end of his 2015 outing WolfCop with the aptly titled Another WolfCop. The original film had a budget as low as its heart was big, resulting in a fun horror comedy plentiful in both the gore and gags departments. This follow-up has a bigger budget and looks great, but the humor falls flatter than it did in the first installment.

    Alcoholic lycanthrope police sergeant Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) returns, along with his former partner and now police chief Tina (Amy Matysio) and paranormal conspiracy theorist Willie (Jonathan Cherry). Tina keeps the werewolf version of Lou hidden in an animal shelter to little effect: when the moon is full, he can’t help but break out and fight crime.

    Willie, meanwhile, was the recipient of an anal probe by an otherworldly entity, resulting in a small, foul-mouthed creature reminiscent of something that might appear in a Frank Henenlotter film. He keeps this hidden from his sister Kat (Serena Miller), a practitioner of esoteric cures who strikes up an animal attraction with Lou, resulting in a sex scene that is one of the funnier sequences in the film.

    On the villainous side of things, smarmy billionaire Sydney Swallows (Yannick Bisson) chooses Lou’s hometown Woodhaven to launch his chicken milk beer product. Naturally, there is an evil hidden agenda behind it all.

    Dean fleshes out the characters of Lou, Tina, and Willie much more than in WolfCop, and the three actors rise to the occasion with their expanded roles, with Cherry especially shining in his hilarious portrayal of Willie. Miller is fun in her supporting role, and Bisson does a solid job as the nefarious entrepreneur.

    Whereas Dean’s direction, Adam Swica’s crackerjack cinematography, the cast’s impressive performances, and the terrific practical effects are all highly commendable, the jokes often don’t reach an equal level. Dean often relies on simply amping up the sophomoric drug humor and sexual innuendos present in the first film, doubling down on that style and sometimes mining the same attempt at a gag several times. There is plenty to laugh at and smile along with, though, including some surprise cameos.

    Dean teases another sequel at the end of Another WolfCop. There’s enough good stuff at work in this installment to hope that this franchise continues. Fans of werewolf films, offbeat horror comedies, practical gore effects and makeup, and cult films should find plenty to enjoy here.

    Another Wolfcop, from RLJE Films, is currently available on VOD platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD.

    Joseph Perry
    Joseph Perry fell in love with horror films as a preschooler when he first saw the Gill-Man swim across the TV screen in "The Creature from The Black Lagoon" and Mothra battle Godzilla in "Godzilla Vs. The Thing.” His education in fright fare continued with TV series such as "The Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits," along with legendary northern California horror host Bob Wilkins’ "Creature Features." His love for most types of music --- but particularly hard rock and new wave --- began at an early age, as well, along with his affinity for professional wrestling and silver age and golden age comic books. He is a contributing writer for Gruesome Magazine, "Phantom of the Movies VideoScope" magazine, "Diabolique" magazine, the "Drive-In Asylum" zine, and the websites That's Not Current, The Scariest Things, and When It Was Cool. He is a co-host of the "Decades of Horror: The Classic Era" and "Uphill Both Ways" podcasts. Joseph has also written for “Scream” magazine, "Filmfax" magazine, “SQ Horror” magazine, and HorrorNews.net. He occasionally proudly co-writes articles with his son Cohen Perry, who is a film critic in his own right. Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. A former northern Californian and Oregonian, he has been teaching, writing, and living in South Korea since 2008.

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