Marguerite Bennett and Juan Doe’s Animosity: The Rise is a story that seems familiar because it is; animals rise up against humanity. We’ve seen it done from Hitchcock’s The Birds through to James Herbet’s The Rats, but instead of humans just being eaten and killed in a variety of gloriously gory and brutal ways, Animosity sees animals achieve human-like sentience in order to attack humans, as well as to side with them or indeed, fight each other.

    This gives a slightly different spin to what is a well established trope in horror fiction, not to mention a slightly different spin on the apocalyptic tale. Animals are talking over the world, though in some cases they face resistance so cities such as New York are lost while Animosity: The Rise’s protagonist, Adam North, receives protection for saving the life of a sea lion in a vicious dolphin attack. Yeah, that’s right; dolphins are utter bastards in this comic.

    Bennett’s script isn’t bad, and the plot contains enough originality to make it interesting though it heavily reminded me of Memetic, another apocalyptic horror comic from a few years back which isn’t a bad thing at all as that was also a surprisingly good comic. Doe’s art is nice, though the storytelling is a bit muddled in places which to be fair, is better than most artists at DC Comics right now.

    Overall if you want an apocalyptic tale with no zombies and an attempt at doing something slightly different I’d recommend this as something head and shoulders above the mass of those type of comics out in the market right now. It’s also worth checking out if you’re a fan of stories where nature runs amok against humankind, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of that? As a race we deserve it.

    Glenn Miller

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