How did you get involved with the film initially?
    Having shared a fair amount of success as a martial arts competitor with multiple British, European as well as World titles under my belt, I was already a known face within the sports media in UK as had been endorsing products through adverts and was bring sponsored by multiple corporations who had been supporting me through my competitive endeavours. I was frequently invited on National TV Shows so before my acting career began I was already well established within my sport. I signed up with an Agency who had me fly off to Thailand 5 weeks later to work as a stunt man on a Chinese Production “Black mask 2”. Two weeks into being on set, I felt my skills were under-utilized so I pulled up director Tsui Hark and Action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping (Action Director  of Matrix 1, 2 and 3  and Director of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ) to the side whilst on film set and insisted they needed more crisp and powerful action. Miraculously my role was added and written in there and then.  The rest is another story.
    How was it working with the film’s director, Simon Wells? Considering this is his first feature film directorial effort, it seemed he had a good report with the actors on set.
    Simon Wells was a great guy to work with. He was precisely accurate as to the visions he had and knew exactly how to execute them yet was fairly relaxed as to each artist bringing in their own individual strength on board. He is very creative and open minded to ideas from his team.
    What was it like doing a period fantasy set film like this, which means less on the emphasis on your martial arts prowess, and more on swordplay and dialogue?
    I love being thrown out of my comfort zone faced with a new and different challenge so I can grow, evolve and develop different skills. I loved the idea of working on a production different to anything I had done previously and having to dress up in these medieval fantasy costume was fun. 
    The locations for the film, especially the mountainside/ocean in the beginning of the film where you initially battle the dragon, are quite beautiful. Was it all filmed in the UK, or were there any other locations scouted for the film?
    Everything was shot in UK and having filmed in some of the most breathtaking and beautiful locations in UK just made it much more fulfilling experience than I had previously thought would be. Some of the locations were particularly challenging to reach by foot so it made it that much more challenging for the cast and crew. Our Producer Ben Loyd Holmes did most of the location scouting being an outdoor, extreme sports adrenaline junkie, he was familiar with most of these stunning locations.
    The thing that is strongest in the film, in my opinion, is the camaraderie between yourself and the two other knights in the film, Richard and George, played by Ross O’Hennessy and Ben Loyd-Holmes? It really seemed the three of you had this lifelong friendship and made it less typical than a lot of films that come out.
    Most of the cast had worked with one another on something or another previously as have Ben, Ross and I so this familiarity between us  made us click, bond and gel nicely thus making the dialogue flow in a  much more friendly and flow manner.
    Ben also co-wrote the film, which I think is original that it somehow injects the fantasy element of knights trying to fight a dragon and some mermaids with a zombie apocalypse taking over the kingdom. How was it working on a fantasy horror film?
    Most of these mythical creatures had to be re-constructed in post production CGI, thus the magic of imagination had to be brought in some of the scenes although the zombies had an amazing make up which made it out to be seem spookier to work on set. I have always been a big fan of fantasy horrors so for me to work on one was an exciting prospect.
    The women who play the warrior like race are awesome in the film, one in which you get to bed. How was it working with a group of Amazon like women, especially their leader Dimia, played by Zara Phythian?
    First of all, I loved the concept of these tough Amazon warrior Women and their costumes were just amazing. Zara Phythian is a close friend of mine whom  I have worked with of several productions as well as countless TV Shows previously. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, interact and learn from.
    Not to ruin it for the people who haven’t seen the film yet, but what’s it like working on a trilogy of films? I’m interested to see where your character’s arc goes from here.
    The story is an amazing one with unexpected turns and twists. We finished shooting part 2, three days before the Premiere of the 1st. Same is happening this summer. We are shooting the 3rd and final part just before the theatrical release of the 2nd part. It is amazing shooting a trilogy, you get so close to the cast and crew and each time we all tend to bring out more, new, exciting, original things to the surface as we learn to bring the best out of our selves and each other.
    With the two sequels being made, anything fans of the film have in store or do we all have to wait and see?
    There are exciting twists, great turns and actions with even more mythical creatures popping up so if you like your fantasy flicks, don’t miss this trilogy.
    Having seen you kick ass in films like The Transporter 3 and Dead or Alive, do you have anything else in the works coming up that the fans should know about? I know you work non-stop, but which ones are you most excited for?
    I have 3 up and coming movie releases, “Out for Vengeance”, ‘Transit 17″ and “The Dark Kingdom”. I also start shooting “Made in Chinatown” in New York in July so please follow me on Instagram #silviosimac for updates
    Thank you again Silvio for sitting down with us and giving your time to talk about the film. Hope to talk to you soon.
    Thank you very much



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