Foosball is an exciting table-top game that’s quite popular in Europe and the US. To play this game, you simply need to turn some rods that are fixed atop a playing box. Miniature players are attached to the rod and their goal is to flick a minuscule ball in an attempt to strike it towards the goal.

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    Here are 5 tips to playing foosball for the first time:


    • Avoid making any distinct patterns in your movement


    Your opponents will definitely be hot on your heels for the entire period of play. They will slowly analyze your game in an attempt to understand how you play. Foosball 101 dictates that you shouldn’t make any patterned moves – your opponent will easily read your game and leverage it against you. Rather, change your style of play as frequently as possible. Have a unique trick up your sleeve and use it when your opponent least expects it.


    • Keep on moving


    In Foosball, your challenger will try all legal techniques to kick the ball using his miniature men, advance it towards your goal and score. However, when your competitor has possession of the ball on the third row, you shouldn’t pause or stop playing. This will simply give him/her more composure to set up the shot. Keep moving your pieces with the aim of distracting your challenger. Beware of the no jarring rule though – this rule bars players from slamming their rods against the table’s walls with the aim of distracting the opponent or jarring the ball loose from his/her possession.


    • Learn the basic rules of foosball


    The out of play rule states that if the ball bounces off the foosball table or falls back in after hitting a top rail, it is automatically ruled out of play. The foosball is then reserved by the player previously scored on. There is also a dead ball rule that explains what players should do if the ball suddenly stops between two rods of the opposing teams: it is collected and reserved. The team previously scored on gets to serve the ball. Learning these basic foosball rules will help you learn much faster.


    • Play against better opponents


    The most effective way to learn foosball is by playing against pros. Everybody loves the warm, fuzzy feeling that winning brings. The downside to winning every challenge is the immense comfort it brings at the expense of jeopardizing your game quality. You don’t push yourself to become better. So if you’re looking to get better at foosball, join competitions and play with the pros. You’ll soon adapt to a more rigorous style of play and refine your skills immensely.


    • Maintain ball control


    Whenever you lose the ball, you lose a great opportunity to score. You also give the opponent a great chance to pick up the foosball and score. Mastering an effective foosball strategy simply entails learning how to pass the ball, catch it and shoot. Perfect these three things and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming the cream of the crop. Finally, practice makes perfect. Inject some fun into the game by playing foosball with family and friends. You will certainly love the experience.

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