Even though filmmaking is a particularly technical discipline, entailing an array of competencies, creating a short film is a great hands-on way to familiarize oneself with cinematography. Advancements in technology have considerably lowered the entry hurdle to composing a short film. Digital cameras don’t need film and enable for post-production processing on personal computers. Read on to acquaint yourself with five things you need to make a quality short film.

    1. Pick a camera

    You may pick the conventional motion picture cameras, digital cameras, your Android or iOS device to shoot a short film depending on your budget. More importantly, you need to use a camera stabilizer to get good shots whichever camera you elect.

    The major difference in your choice of camera is storage space. An aspiring filmmaker may want to buy a high-quality digital movie camera. Such cameras are highly portable can record high definition video.

    2. A professional crew

    Assemble a team of skilled individuals starting with the director of photography, the sound, and lighting guys. Yes, it’s your film, but the key to making a quality short film is making the crew believe it’s their project as much it is yours. Refrain from playing Superman by playing the roles of director/director of photography, assistant, etc. all at once. Focus on your task and have faith in your crew.

    3. A concise script  

    While you may want to grab your camera and commence on shooting unrehearsed scenes, a great film narrates a story starting from the beginning, middle and end. A script guarantees that a flick portrays such a story. You can always write a script or to hasten this step you can download one from the internet.

    4. Acquire Editing Software

    With the right equipment, you can shoot an assemblage of a video, but it won’t help much if you can’t edit. Video editing software usually costs a lot, but all isn’t lost if you don’t have lots of money. There are low-end programs with the same capabilities as the high-end programs.

    Windows users can try out the Sony Vegas editing applications. If you are searching for an entirely free program, you can check out LightWorks. Although it may provide you with more features than you may require and its interface may take some getting used to, its completely free.

    OS X users have iMovie on their Macs. iMovie offers a rather odd interface; it can handle quite a bit.

    5. Great lighting

    Your choice of camera doesn’t matter a lot as you may be lead to believe. A decent HD option can get you lots of mileage with the appropriate lighting. Over and over, people prove that you can obtain excellent photos from an iPhone thanks to perfect lighting. In some cases, this can mean nothing more than a well-placed lamp. Professional lights look better, but you can buy low-cost lamps with movable heads at just about any departmental store and utilize them to get comparable effects. A light bulb can’t give you such control; however, if you are familiar with basic lighting setups for shooting, you’ll figure how to make use of what you got.

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