Gaming enthusiasts have different perceptions and preferences of their equipment. Choosing a gaming keyboard really depends on personal preference and style, but there are other features one can consider when doing so. Gaming keyboards are not like your regular typing keyboards. They are a little more specialized and technical. If you are still new in this world, you might need an experienced player to guide you through the nitty-gritty. In addition to going for a silent keyboard, let’s see what else you should check in a good gaming keyboard.

    1.  Anti-Ghosting and Key Rollover

    Key rollover is a measure of the number of key presses that the keyboard you choose can register at a go. Normal anti-gaming keyboards have a measure of 1 to 2 Key Rollover. If you try pressing any extra keys, your keyboard will not register those keys or can register those not pressed, an aspect referred to as ‘ghosting’.  A good and quality gaming keyboard features a minimum of a 6-Key rollover (6KRO). Such a rollover enables easy and fast control of the characters in your games. Competitive keyboards have N-Key Rollover (NKRO). This is a limitless rollover where every keystroke is registered.

    1.  Lighting

    Gaming keyboard comes with unique functionalities like multiple lighting as well as additional buttons that have different functions. Considering the lighting, this is a must for any gaming keyboard. You can go for a simple one with just a range of one to five colors or knock yourself out with one that features software to adjust the lighting and enjoy a whole spectrum of colors. This, of course, comes at an extra cost. You can set these colors to light at different levels of brightness or even illuminate different sections of the keyboard. It’s just an aesthetic feature to give you a wholesome experience.

    1.  Additional Buttons

    This feature depends on the type of games you play. Some keyboards come with dedicated macro keys for specific functions. If you do not use the 10-number section of the keyboard, you can opt to get one without that section often referred to as TKL. It looks smaller, compact and better. It can be ideal if you have limited space. Look also at the size of the buttons as well as their shape. Size and shape depend on the size of your fingers or just your preference. Check also the different switches of the keys and choose the most appropriate for your type of games.

    1.  Consider the Format

    The format of the keyboard also determines its size. You can opt to go for a full-size keyboard that has all the keys in the usual place or a tournament edition that is designed specifically for gaming. Tournament gaming keyboards assume some LAN properties. They are smaller in size compared to full-sized keyboards and have some extra special features for gaming.

    1.  Build Quality

    Keep in mind that gaming is not the same as normal typing. It is a little bit frantic and gets a bit more physical. Unlike the gentle tapping common with simple typing, playing games involve sudden jerking and hard pressing. A keyboard with a good build quality can sustain such rough and hard pressing.

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