Playing video games is fun and interesting. It actually helps you pass time and mingle with friends. But what do you do when you only have an old computer and you’re too broke to afford a new computer? Everyone knows that owning a computer that is compatible with high graphics games is costly.  New generation video games such as COD4: Modern Warfare, Assassin’s Creed, Prototype and Left4Dead, require the gamer to use a computer with high system specifications.

    Upgrading your computer to meet these specifications is an expensive affair. The good thing is that you can still enjoy playing your favorite video games without breaking the bank. Below are some tips that can help you play high end games on an outdated computer without encountering major hitches.

    Reboot the Computer

    The worst mistake you can make is to try to play a high end game while the computer has been running for too long. Since old computers have low memory, the cache of the RAM (Random Access Memory) will definitely be full and this will cause the system to run at a slow speed. It’s therefore recommended that you reboot the system before attempting to play any video game. In fact, switching the computer on and off helps in creating space in the RAM cache.

    End All Applications Running in the Background

    Your computer is programmed to allocate a fraction of RAM cache to all the applications that you open. If you allow many applications to remain active in the background, the computer may not have enough space to run your high end game. This should never be a problem if your computer has high capacity processor, RAM and Video graphics. Since you want to play a new generation game on an old computer, you have no choice but to run one application at a time because that’s the surest way of remedying system lags.

    You should therefore close all the other programs so that the system can dedicate the available cache to the game. This way, your game will start without any delays. To end background programs in Windows, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click End Program. If you’re using Mac, press Command+Option+Esc then click on Force Quit.

    Don’t Update Operating System

    Updating your computer’s operating system is supposed to improve its performance. However, this option only works in computers that come with high system specifications. Updating an old computer will definitely deny you an opportunity to enjoy your favourite game.

    This is because the computer processor and RAM can not support a system update and still allow the game to run smoothly.  If you still want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows or MacOS, you should schedule for the update after you have finished playing the game.

    Update the Game to the Latest Version

    It’s obvious that an outdated video game will cause the system to experience lags. This is usually caused by bugs. Such bugs can be remedied by updating the game. The good thing is that game developers always release updates for games that are already in the market. The updates help in eliminating such bugs. You can check for latest video updates of any game at Breech.

    Adjust Game’s Settings to the Minimum

    If updating the video game doesn’t help, you should set the game’s settings to the minimum. Since new generation games such as Assassin’s Creed and Prototype are tailored for high end computers that are armed with high speed processor, graphics and RAM. Adjusting the settings of the game will force them to be compatible with your outdated computer.

    These configurations can only be done by accessing the game’s settings. Once you open the settings tab, you should set the video resolution to the lowest option available. This will help in smoothing the edges and preventing shadows from appearing behind images in the game. You should conclude by saving the game’s settings so that they can take effect.

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