Christmas is almost here and parents are in a generous mood. Those who look up to you are eagerly waiting for a gift. Buying a present for ordinary people is pretty simple. But buying a Christmas gift for a gamer is somehow complicated. This is because you may not be aware of their preferences. In addition, you don’t want to buy gaming stuff for your loved ones when you are not sure whether they will use it or not.

    Before you shop for any gift, you should do some homework on your gamer so you can know the kind of device he or she uses. There are those who play on a gaming console while others play on PC. A gadget that’s designed to be used in a console may not be compatible with PC and vice versa. Below is a collection of gifts that you can buy for a gamer this Christmas.

    1. Gaming Keyboard: Pictek 104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Just like its name suggests, the keyboard is mechanical. Although the keyboard can also be used by writers, it’s actually made with the interests of a gamer in mind. The keyboard comes with 104 ghost keys that are conveniently arranged to meet the common needs of a user. The other advantage is that the gamer can play at night even when the lights of the house are switched off. This is because every individual key is equipped with a backlight that shines with bright colors.

    With this keyboard, you can play video games for many hours as you wish without experiencing any pain in the hands. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer has added a wrist rest that guarantees maximum comfort. Unlike other keyboards that stop functioning after falling just a few times, this keyboard can withstand anything that you throw at it, thanks to its drop-proof metallic panel. In case the keyboard gets dirty, you can easily remove the accumulated debris using a puller tool that allows you to raise individual keys.

    1. Soundbar: Yamaha YAS-107BL

    A video game can never be interesting if the gamer is not armed with a sound system. The Soundbar enables the gamer to sink into the game by hearing every aspect of sound. In fact, you can hear every sound in a game crystal clear. Such a system comes in handy when there are several people playing the same game in a room. The Soundbar has internal sub-woofers that enhance the quality of booming sound.

    The advantage of this sound system is that it requires very little space due to its sleek construction. Besides that, you have the option of placing it anywhere you want or mount it on the wall using the in-built key holes. You can also pair it with another device via Bluetooth and configure it using Yamaha app.

    1. Virtual Reality Glasses: Oculus Rift Touch Virtual Reality System

    With virtual reality glasses, your gamer will be immersed in his games like never before. This is because the glasses enable him to get into the games that he will be playing. Besides that, the glasses can still be used when watching 3D movies. The good thing about these glasses is that they are ergonomically designed with padded straps to make them comfortable on the head of the user. In fact, gamers that wear spectacles don’t have to remove them. This is because the VR glasses are roomy enough to accommodate the spectacles.

    1. Gaming Headphones: Sennheiser GAME ONE

    Your shopping list can’t be complete without this pair of gaming headphones. For a start, these headphones are ideal for a gamer that likes playing alone. It actually helps in ensuring that the gamer is not disrupted by noise from his environment. You can actually play your favorite game in the living room while other people are watching TV without being distracted. The headphones are padded with foam material to make them gentle on the ears and the head. They also feature a mouthpiece that allows the gamer to keep in touch with teammates. The headphones can also be used when listening to music on the computer, console or smartphone.

    1. Gaming Chair: DXRacer

    Every gamer needs a chair. When shopping for gaming chairs, you can opt for those that rock back and forth or the others that that resemble office chairs. Regardless of which you will buy, your gamer will remember you for a long time. They actually come with wheel casters to enable the player to move around the room without standing up. And that’s not all.

    The gamer can turn in any direction because the chair rotates around 360 degrees.  Moreover, the height of the chair can be configured using a lever below the seat. The chair comes with in-built speakers that can be synched with your gaming platform. The high, padded back spares the gamer from the agony of back pains. There is also a headrest at the extreme end of the back. For more details on gaming chairs, please visit goturback.uk.

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