The online multiplayer gaming niche has become extremely popular in recent years. Gaming platforms such as Minecraft have managed to remain at the top by creating fun, interactive games for kids and adults alike. Roblox is fun gaming platform that allows users to play or create an array of video games.

    Despite its massive success, gamers are constantly in the lookout for games that replace Roblox. They desire better, more complex games that will challenge them.

    Here are 4 things you should know about roblox:


    • Roblox allows players to create their own games


    Roblox has managed to go against the grain by offering players the freedom to create their own games. Creating such games isn’t as complex as you’d think – simply drag and drop elements contained within the Roblox Studio onto the interactive platform provided to you. Alternatively, if you’re conversant with Lua (the primary coding language for Roblox), you can use the intricate functions contained therein to create a fun multiplayer game. There’s a vast assortment of game genres to choose from, including obstacle courses and competitive shooting. Roblox even pays handsomely for well-structured games.


    • Roblox can make you quite famous


    Every month, around 48 million users log into Roblox to play their favorite video games. Naturally, the most prolific users are widely known throughout the Roblox community. This is arguably the best platform for good programmers to showcase their coding skills and get massive recognition. For instance, the mention of NerfModder will certainly raise many eyebrows. This user joined Roblox in 2008 and led a huge Roblox group in Russia, garnering more than 27,000 members during his tenure. Other familiar names within Roblox include Keith (an administrator) and JaredValdez4, a top-ranking video game developer.


    • There are parental control functions within Roblox


    There has been an increasing concern among parents that Roblox is unsafe for kids to play. After all, it features a wide variety of video games – some of which contain violent content unfit for children. Good news is, parents can control the type of games their young kids play on Roblox. Instructions on how to activate parental control settings can be found in the Roblox website. Having some level of control over your children’s online interactions helps to curb the development of undesirable traits such as aggression and obstinacy. It’s certainly a delightful feature that can help parents around the globe to monitor their kids’ online gaming behavior.


    • Roblox organizes regular events and conventions


    As stated earlier, Roblox is more than the average sandbox gaming platform – it’s a community that interacts and shares ideas. Appropriately, this platform holds numerous events both virtually and physically. For instance, Roblox organized a huge convention in San Francisco titled the ROBLOX Rally 2011. It was their first ever. Fans got the unique opportunity to exchange ideas and learn how they could create their own distinct game in Roblox. Since then, Roblox has held a couple of conventions around the U.S. in a bid to attract more fans.

    These four distinct things make Roblox a popular interactive gaming platform.

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