One of the hottest pieces of tech on the market straight out of the gate in 2018 are noise cancelling headphones. While the most popular headphones of the past couple of years have been Beats by Dre, these headphones don’t provide the ultimate in noise cancellation. They are great headphones and provide a good sense of musicality, however they lack in keeping out the noise that surrounds you. Did you know that there is a difference between noise cancelling headphones and headphones that reduce the surrounding noise? Believe it or not, they are two entirely different products. This catches people off guard when they invest in a great pair of headphones such as Beats by Dre only to find out that, while the sound quality is good, they can still hear their dog whining beside them or the honking of cars as they pass by. In this article, we will highlight several features to look for when finding the best noise cancelling headphones in 2018. For additional resources, be sure to visit https://www.headphoned.net/best-noise-cancelling-headphones/.


    • Comfort. When looking for a good pair of headphones, it is important to check out the comfort factor. Do the headphones over full coverage ear cups? Are they wireless or do they have a long cord attached to them? You may not think that these small details matter but they do if you plan to wear your headphones for an extended period of time. To find a pair of headphones that are comfortable, you will want to look for a full coverage ear cup. In addition, some choose to get a pair of headphones that offer a plush padding along the top of the band that goes over the head. This can add extra comfort if you plan to wear your headphones for hours on end.



    • Great reviews. When looking for a good, solid pair of headphones, make sure to read reviews. The reviews should tell you about the level of noise cancelling that you can expect to achieve. For example, a pair of noise cancelling headphones may be great at home, but the minute you wear them on the airplane, you will be able to tell their level of quality. If you can wear the headphones on an airplane and not hear what is going on around you, the headphones are a great choice. Keep this in mind when reading reviews. Look for consumers thoughts on comfort, quality manufacturing, and warranty information.



    • Within budget. It can be tough to buy a new pair of headphones without spending a good deal of money. Try to stay within your budget and branch out to non-name brands. You can most likely find a fantastic pair of noise cancelling headphones that will do the trick and are within your price range if you avoid going with the best selling name brand on the market.


    Keep in mind that buying headphones is a subjective task. What you may like, your best friend may not. When in doubt, give them a try and if you have to make a return in order to get what you really want in the end.

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